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Welcome to the Renewable Electric website, the home page of Permanent and Back up Off-Grid power supplies in the UK.

Off-Grid power supplies are of importance to:

  • Agricultural and farming clients
  • Industrialists with sites/operations of all sizes
  • Any client requiring a temporary supply for a site or premises
  • Domestic clients
  • Marine and Off-Shore applications

Off-grid supplies are suitable for anyone looking to eliminate electricity expense and upfront capital expenditure on starting up or when building a development, unit or home.

Getting a reliable mains power supply to a remote area has never been this easy and will save a lot of expense and groundwork which getting a fixed mains or high voltage supply in would require. Off-Grid systems do not require planning permission.

The primary supplies include Solar PV and Wind Turbines, please click the links to be directed to the relevant page or feel free to browse at leisure.

Containerised systems are available and Renewable Electric can provide a design, manufacture and construction service delivered to your premises or site. Click here for containerised systems.

Renewable Electric are NIC EIC Approved Contractors and Domestic Installers. All work is certified to the highest of industry standards and we take care of all earthing arrangements to the systems installed.