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Renewable Electric are leading Solar PV and Wind Turbine designers and installers. You are guaranteed a tax free income from our systems as we are fully accredited to issue feed in and generation tariffs issued by the government. All that is on offer are market leading products and services, please browse the site for all the information you need.

Renewable Electric have been nominated for the prestigious Solar installer of the year award by our trusty friends at NAPIT. The awards will be hosted in Coventry next month, hosted by Michael Macintyre. Should you be considering Solar PV or Wind Services then you can rest assured that you are dealing with a first class company with Renewable Electric. Awards such as this aren’t on offer to many companies, just the very best few in the country. This nomination is achieved via ongoing commitment to service and product selection. All MCS installers get you the feed in tariff, there is nothing exclusive about that. Renewable Electric achieve for you the best engineered and professionally installed systems out there using only market leading equipment, couple this with a project managed and dedicated service which is guaranteed to leave you smiling at the outcome.

Here at Renewable Electric we firmly believe that if you do us a favour, we will do you one. Therefore, a cash prize of £150.00 is on offer to customers that are good enough to recommend us to a family or friend. You will be proud to be part of the renewable generation.

** Get a free wireless inverter display with all your Solar PV installations. This will allow you to constantly monitor your system via an attractive, portable device that will save you having to rummage around under the stairs where the meters are or climb in the loft to look at the inverter.**

** VAT freeze, as many will know the VAT rate in the UK increased to 20% in Jan 2011. **
** Due to the nature of our installations the VAT rate of 5% remains effective and is set to continue! **
** NEWS UPDATE: Generation and feed in tariff increased by 4.8% as of 1st April 2011. **

  • Do you want to earn money whilst generating your own electricity?
  • Do you have an environmentally friendly and green attitude?
  • Do you want to increase the value of your property by up to 16%?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions then Renewable Electric can provide a wind turbine or solar panel solution to suit you and your property.

These attractive systems have been around for a few years but only now do you get paid for having an onsite installation due to the feed tariffs introduced by the government.

Renewable Electric can prodive a complete renewable energy package for you. This includes solar thermal installation, heat pumps and rainwater harvesting solutions. We guarantee only to use the best qualified personnel for these works.

You get paid directly in 2 ways:
  • You are paid for each unit of electricity generated, this is known as the generation tariff. Your electricity savings are added to the amount you generate as you are getting paid and also saving money at the same time.
  • You are paid for each unit exported to the national grid outside separately, at an additional 3 pence per KWh above the generation tariff.

Please click here for the latest Government tariffs. Please note that an increase of 4.8% is applicable to all tariffs as of 1st April 2011.

As you are no doubt aware the unit price for electricity is soaring all the time, with a Renewable Electric system you are going to be using the electricity generated at source, at your own home, therefore your actual utility bills will fall dramatically. Seeing the bills going up on an annual basis is not something that anyone wants to see happen so you will win all round!